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Hoosier Computer Service llc. uses the Internet to send copies of your critical data to our off-site data storage facility, every night, automatically. The system is affordable and secure!

At the end of the installation you will be asked to save the Encryption Key. IT IS CRITICAL that you save the Encryption Key to a secure location - either on a floppy disk or Thum Drive stored in an offsite fireproof safe or by printing the key and storing it in a safe place. Without the USERNAME, PASSWORD AND ENCRYPTION KEY, Remote Backup of Hoosier Computer Service llc will not be able to retrieve your stored information

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What are Credits? How is Cloud Licensed?

Beginning with Backup version 11, released in June 2010, RBS started licensing Client software by "Credits" instead of "Users" or "Clients."

* The Server Edition
Windows Servers. It uses 4 Credits. It has all available features turned ON.

* The Desktop Edition
Windows desktop computers. It uses 2 credits. It will not install on Server operating systems. It has all features turned on except support for Exchange, Active Directory and Sharepoint.

* The Personal Edition
Personal computers. It uses 1 credit. It has the following features turned off: Exchange, SQL Server, System State, Active Directory, Sharepoint, Bit Backup, Copy to Disk, Delete Files from Server, Advanced Interface, Mapped Drives, File Selection Interface, Multiple Backup Sets, Differential Backup, Keep Latest Version, Purge Files by Sets, and Local Mirror.




Version 11.12


Personal Computer (1 Credit)



Person Download

Desktop Computer (2 Credit)



Desktop Download

Server Computer (4 Credit)



Server Download

Web Restore

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